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  • Dr Nigma Talib Serum
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    Dr. Nigma Serum No. 1 is a high performance elixir
    that enhances the delivery and absorption of clinically
    researched age-reversing plant stem cells,
    hyaluronic acid and marine snail peptides to the skin.
  • Dr Nigma Talib Creme
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    Creme No. 1 boasts a pioneering formula that is based
    on unique and patented Light Water Technology.
    The synergy of natural active factors with plant and marine
    extracts have superior and pronounced anti-wrinkle properties.
  • Dr Nigma Talib Reverse the Signs of Ageing book
    Available Now (UK)
    The bestselling book by renowned
    Naturopathic Doctor, Nigma Talib
    where she shares the secrets to
    youthful-looking skin
  • Beauty can be better
    Her expertise in Naturopathic Medicine, leading edge
    diagnostic laboratory testing and skillful assessment of
    patient conditions with effective treatment protocols makes
    Nigma Talib heavily sought after.
  • Dr Nigma Healthy Flora
    Available Now
    Healthy Flora is the amazing new Probiotic Supplement
    created exclusively by Naturopathic Doctor, Nigma Talib.
    Healthy Flora will aid your gut health
    and promotes optimal living.
  • Younger Skin Starts In The Gut
    Available Now (USA)
    The new book by renowned
    Naturopathic Doctor, Nigma Talib
    where she shares the secrets to
    youthful-looking skin

Why is HealthyDoc so Awesome?

Dr. Talib believes in educating you about everyday health issues that affect your quality of life. She gives you the knowledge to help correct your own health issues through the application of cutting edge dietary, supplemental and functional laboratory testing guidance in order to not just prevent disease but treat chronic illness at the cellular level.

Face Therapy

Extra TV

Extra's Terri Seymour sat down with Dr. Nigma Talib, author of 'Younger Skin Starts In The Gut'.
Dr. Talib reveals how to eat your way younger with a four-week plan to eliminate skin-aging triggers, including sugar and dairy.

Special Event

Join me as I help guide you through a transformational wellness weekend at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills (300 South Doheny Drive, LA, California 90048) September 22th-25th, 2016.

This exclusive retreat is designed for guests to experience VIP treatment through a five-pillar philosophy: Self-Care, Stress Reduction, Culinary Education, Fitness and Cultural Immersion.

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